Fundraising to create a world without cancer

You have a #CancerCuringBike

Some gather dust in garages. Some sit stationary at gyms. Some hit the streets every day. But no matter where you keep your bike or how often you ride it, it has the power to cure cancer. Get to know some of our favorite cancer curing bikes and the riders who are fighting for a world without cancer in Pedal the Cause.


Jen Myers

Fighting cancer is a full time job, but doing your part to cure it only takes a weekend. Hear what Y98’s Jen Myers is doing to take control of her fight against cancer and to support cancer research through Pedal the Cause.

Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson is a longtime Pedal the Cause rider and supporter with a very special #CancerCuringBike. Hear his story and learn why registering for Pedal the Cause is so important.

Tyron Woodley

Every bike has the potential to be a #CancerCuringBike. UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley shares the story of his #CancerCuringBike and why he fights for a world without cancer.

Allie Brown

Meet Allie Brown, and her #CancerCuringBike. Year after year, she and her team train and ride in Pedal the Cause.  As a Barnes Jewish Hospital employee, Allie knows the money she raises is making a difference.


Maddy is a 4-time Pedal the Cause rider, and she and her purple #CancerCuringBike have big plans for this year. Watch Maddy’s story here.

Dr. William Gillanders

Dr. William Gillanders has a very unique #CancerCuringBike. He rides it most every day to Siteman Cancer Center, where he works as a Physician and Researcher.