How to Submit a Check

Support your favorite rider or team in 3 easy steps!


1) Click on the “Donate Now” button and enter the participant or team you would like to donate to. Enter the Donation Amount and the Recognition Name (this is the name that will be listed next to your donation on the public profile page of the participant).

2) Select “check” from the “Payment Method” section of the donation page and fill out the billing information.

3) After submitting your donation, simply write the Gift ID you were given upon making a check pledge on the memo line of your check or print the invoice from the Thank You page by selecting “Click here to view the invoice for your donation”. Please make the check payable to Pedal the Cause and mail the check with Gift ID or printed invoice to:

CIBC c/o Pedal the Cause

8410 Solutions Center

Chicago, IL 60677-8004