Sample Weekend Schedule

DATE: September 26-27, 2020

LOCATION: Complete your ride, walk or other physical challenge anywhere!

This is a sample of what your weekend COULD look like. This is your weekend! Make it your own, have fun, stay safe and enjoy the ride.

Saturday, Sep. 26, 2020


Join our Peloton community ride using the leaderboard tag #pedalthecause for the 8:30am 30 min “Intervals & Arms with Tunde Oyeneyin” ride!


Join our Pedal the Cause Zwift Group Ride hosted by 10 x National Cycling Champion Rahsaan Bahati. Or, jump on your Peloton for a ride using the leaderboard #pedalthecause – we will announce exact Peloton ride times in mid-September.


Put on your race bib included in your box and walk in your neighborhood with your family. Have everyone wear their favorite Pedal gear (or pre-purchase new 2020 gear at!). Post a group photo to your social media and tag @pedalthecause. Tell everyone why your family is inspired to walk and fundraise.


Place an order for carry-out at one of our Taste the Cause partners to enjoy during tonight’s Inspirational Program. Use the gift card you received if you’ve raised $375 or more!


Get on a video call with your Pedal the Cause team. Everyone can share what they have done or plan to do for their challenge and their fundraising goals. Take a team picture via screen shot during the meeting to share on social media!


Enjoy your carry-out dinner or prepare dinner and/or dessert from one of our Taste the Cause Inspired Chef Video Series sponsored by True Refrigeration available here.


Tune into the livestream Inspirational Program with your family, streaming right on our homepage at or on our YouTube channel here. Start a group chat with your team so you can share your reactions to the most inspirational or moving portions of the program. Have the envelope from your box ready to open when prompted during the show!

Sunday, Sep. 27, 2020


Pick up breakfast from Companion Bakery Cafe with the coupon in your rider box.


Put on your race bib again and ride on your own or with a small group you feel comfortable with. Wear your Pedal the Cause performance t-shirt or jersey too! When you stop to refuel during your ride, pull out your phone and record a live video about why you were inspired to ride and fundraise for cancer research. Who do you ride for?


Join our Peloton community ride using the leaderboard tag #pedalthecause for the 11am 60min “Feel Good Ride with Ally Love”!


Grab lunch from Sugarfire Smoke House, Hi-Pointe Drive-In or Chicken Out with the coupon in your rider box.


Join us for an outdoor or indoor spin class at CycleBar Richmond Heights! CLICK HERE to register for the indoor class, and CLICK HERE to register for the outdoor class.


Have a final video conference for a post-event celebration with your team. Everyone can share their favorite moment from Pedal the Cause Inspired weekend and their fundraising goals. Remember, fundraising continues until October 31st!

Be part of Pedal the Cause Inspired event video! We are collecting short video clips and photos of your experience to make a compilation video post-event. Send your high resolution photos and short videos to or text to 314-500-5203.