Facebook Fundraisers

Now you can create a Facebook Fundraiser on your PTC Profile Page and link it to your PTC fundraising! You MUST follow the steps below to successfully link your Facebook Fundraiser.

STEP 1: Login to your PTC Profile Page HERE and click on the Facebook icon.

STEP 2: Click “Create a Fundraiser”

STEP 3: Enter your Facebook Fundraiser Goal Amount (this can be different than your overall PTC goal, and what you enter here will not change your PTC goal). Update the text for your fundraiser or use the default language provided and click “Create Facebook Fundraiser.”

Note that after clicking the “Create Facebook Fundraiser” button, you may be asked by Facebook to log into your account and authorize Facebook fundraising. After agreeing to this, your Facebook fundraiser will be created! Rest assured, 100% of your donations through Facebook fundraising will fund cancer research.