Featured Fighters

Some people choose to give 100%,

for others it’s their only choice.

Meet our 2023 Featured Fighters. They are members of the Pedal family – survivors, fighters, doctors, researchers and caregivers – for whom the fight with cancer is personal. Together, we can create a world without cancer – all cancers, for everyone.

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Kathy Pietoso

Meet Kathy Pietoso. Kathy learned about cancer at a young age, losing both parents and all of her aunts to the disease. That familiarity didn’t make her own diagnosis of multiple myeloma in 2021 any less of a shock. With the support of her family, friends and her team at Siteman Cancer Center, Kathy is now cancer free and determined to give back to the institution that saved her life through her support of Pedal the Cause.

Dr. Christopher Maher

Meet Dr. Christopher Maher. Chris is a 5-time Pedal the Cause funded researcher, leading a team making incredible genomic discoveries in cancer. The Maher Lab focuses on translating these genome-based discoveries into the clinic, so that cancer patients can quickly benefit from these advances. Chris’ research has gone on to garner over $2.5 million in funds from external sources, like the NIH, the expand and accelerate his work. He rides in Pedal the Cause because without this funding source, he knows that potentially groundbreaking ideas would go unexplored.

Ted Wheeler

Meet Ted Wheeler. Despite many of his beloved family members succumbing to cancer throughout his life, Ted’s family didn’t discuss the disease until they were faced with a loss. He knows this is all too common the black community and is here to change that. Ted was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2021, and now uses his own diagnosis as an opportunity to have tough conversations with loved ones about prevention and early detection. Through his connection to Pedal the Cause, he hopes to inspire others to face their fears and advocate for their own health.

Nicole and Aric Kreeger

Meet Nicole and Aric Kreeger. Long-time volunteer leaders at Pedal the Cause from Keeley Companies and ADB Companies, their young love grew as they packed box trucks and passed out water bottles together at the event year after year. Ten years in, they are now more impacted by cancer than they ever imaged they would be. They know Pedal the Cause is driving the innovative research that is saving lives, and they are determined to do all they can to help create a world without cancer.

Troy Guzman

Meet Troy Guzman. As a design leader at Arcturis, he’s worked on pro-bono projects for Pedal the Cause over the years, knowing how important the organization was to funding cancer research. His whole world turned upside down in 2022, when Troy received a glioblastoma diagnosis, surgeries, chemo and a grueling treatment regimen. He has faced cancer with bravery, hope and light, and with the help of his long-time charity cycling team, he’s hell-bent on creating a real impact through Pedal the Cause.

Will & Dr. Maggie Ferris

Meet Will and Dr. Maggie Ferris. After a sudden cancer diagnosis rocked Will and his family’s world, a Pedal the Cause funded trial led by Dr. Ferris offered hope for a more effective treatment with less side effects. Now cancer free, Will is learning to be a kid again and is excited to be a part of Pedal the Cause’s Ride for a Child Program where team St. Louis Children’s Hospital is riding in his honor.

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