Featured Fighters

Some people choose to give 100%,

for others it’s their only choice.

Meet our 2022 Featured Fighters. They are members of the Pedal family – survivors, fighters, doctors and caregivers – for whom the fight with cancer is personal. Together, we can create a world without cancer – all cancers, for everyone.

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Addi Darnell

Meet Addi Darnell. After Addi's battle with Stage 3A Bulky Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Addi and her family became involved with Pedal the Cause in 2021. Addi is the youngest podium fundraiser in PTC history, a Clare Blase Spirit Award winner, a Ride for a Child with Team Edward Jones and one of the most inspiring people we know. Thank you, Addi, Andrew and Lindsay for sharing your story and fighting so fiercely to create a world without cancer.

Dr. DeNardo & Dr. Lim

Meet Kian-Huat Lim, MD, PhD and David DeNardo, PhD. Siteman Cancer Center is one of the top five high-volume pancreatic treatment centers in the United States. As part of the treatment team, Dr. Lim (a three-time Pedal-funded researcher) is passionate about providing world-class care and giving hope to patients in the face of a difficult diagnosis. Dr. DeNardo (a seven-time Pedal-funded researcher) is determined to advance treatment options and patient outcomes through groundbreaking research. We're filled with admiration for their dedication and devotion to creating a world without cancer.

Dr. Verma & Dr. DiPersio

Meet Dr. Priyanka Verma. In 2021, Dr. Verma was recruited by Dr. John DiPersio to join Siteman Cancer Center as the first-ever Pedal the Cause Researcher. Her groundbreaking work is focused on improving treatment options for patients with BRCA gene mutations by harnessing the power of CRISPR technology. Pedal funding has played a significant role in establishing her lab here in St. Louis.

Dr. Nancy Bartlett

Meet Dr. Nancy Bartlett and Bartlett's Bikers. Dr. Nancy Bartlett has dedicated her career to creating a world without cancer and making a lasting impact in the lives of her patients. As the Koman Professor of Medical Oncology at Siteman Cancer Center, she is known not just as an incredibly skilled and experienced oncologist, but a doctor who cares wholeheartedly for her patients. Dr. Bartlett has led her team to an impressive fundraising total of more than $724,000 and raised more than $123,000 as an individual, 100% of which supports cancer research. Thank you, Nancy and team Bartlett's Bikers for your dedication and passion!

Ava & St. Louis Children’s Hospital

8-year-old Ava loves being outside, especially when she’s fishing and swimming with family and friends. At a routine checkup at 9 months, her pediatrician saw that the left side of her body was larger than her right, and an orthopedist confirmed her to have hemihypertrophy, which has a strong link to childhood cancer. An ultrasound confirmed both her kidneys had cancerous tumors and Ava was diagnosed with nephroblastomatosis — the most common type of kidney cancer in children. Ava’s family moved to St. Louis in 2017 and transferred her care to the experts at Siteman Kids at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Unfortunately, she relapsed again in 2018 and 2021, so that is when her medical team got even more aggressive. Her oncologist at St. Louis Children’s decided to remove her left kidney following chemotherapy to give her treatment a better chance at beating the cancer and avoiding yet another relapse. Ava’s last treatment was in October 2021 and her scans have been clear since.

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