Pedal-funded researchers earn $5M DOD grant

Photo credit: Robert J. Boston for the Record Spotlight.

Ron Bose, MD, PhD and Cynthia Ma, MD, PhD recently received a notice of award for a $5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) titled “Targeting HER2-Activating Mutations in ER-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer” that will start this Spring 2018. The overarching goals of their DOD project are to (1) identify what drives breast cancer growth and determine how to stop such growth and (2) to revolutionize treatment regimens by replacing them with ones that are more effective, less toxic, and improve survival. The results of this research will lead to better treatments for patients with HER2mut metastatic breast cancer. This significant research grant to continue their research was possible due to preliminary data that was generated from two PTC-supported research projects: (1) a $200,000 award from the Siteman Investment Program in 2016 to Dr.

Bose for his project titled “Targeting HER2 Activating Mutations in Metastatic Breast Cancer” and (2) a $398,000 Cancer Frontier Fund Team Science award to Dr. Ma in 2012 for her project titled “Investigations of HER2 Mutation in HER2 Negative Breast Cancer.”

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