Press Release: Pedal the Cause Presents Inaugural “Breakaway Award” to Dan and Sheila Timm

Dan and Sheila Timm Honored with Inaugural Pedal the Cause Breakaway Award
New award recognizes Timms’ extraordinary fundraising achievements and dedication to cancer research.

Pedal the Cause is honored to recognize Dan and Sheila Timm with the inaugural Breakaway Award. This prestigious award, presented on June 8, 2021, recognizes the Timms for their fundraising achievements and steadfast support for cancer research. Future recipients will be recognized as “Dan and Sheila Timm Breakaway Award” honorees.

“Sheila and I are both honored,” said Dan Timm. “We are so proud to be part of the Pedal Family and part of the incredible progress made through cancer research. Among our many reasons for fundraising, we hope our grandkids and future generations can grow up in a world without cancer.” 

Together, Dan and Sheila Timm have raised more than $1.38M for cancer research, making them the largest lifetime fundraisers amongst the Pedal family. They have additionally recruited countless new riders for Team Edward Jones (where Dan Timm has now retired).

“Dan and Sheila’s exemplary leadership and dedication have not only raised significant funds for cancer research, they have raised spirits and inspired others in our community beyond measure,” says David Drier, executive director of Pedal the Cause. “We are deeply grateful for their support and proud to commemorate their many achievements with the aptly named Breakaway Award.”

In cycling, the Breakaway Specialist moves quickly, fast ahead of the pack to demonstrate their strength and agility. In French the term is baroudeur or adventurer, as the specialist must take a leap of faith and truly exert themselves to gain momentum and excel in the most challenging of scenarios.

The Pedal the Cause Breakaway Award will annually honor an individual(s) whose passion, leadership and extraordinary efforts to create a world without cancer have fostered the spirit of innovation, hope and empowered positive change in the lives of those faced with a cancer diagnosis.

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